9 months ago

And the awards to go...

Check out the Neura Do.AI Hackathon gallery to congratulate the winners and check out all the creative submissions. 

Even though the hackathon is over, we are still here to support you if you want to build an app using Neura's SDK. Email us anytime at support@theneura.com with questions, feedback, or to brainstorm ideas. 

We are really proud of what you've built and hope you are too! Building apps isn't easy. You worked hard to get something done and learned skills that will make your next feature or app much easier to build. Update your portfolio to inform your followers about new projects and to…

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9 months ago

Who wins Do AI Hackathon's Audience Choice Award?

You determine the fate of this question...

Vote for your favorite app submissions here. Only 12 hours left until voting closes tomorrow at October 11, 2016 at 5 pm PST.

We were blown away by the quality of the app submissions! We saw some really creative ideas and some well executed apps. We are super proud of all hackathon entrants for doing the extra work of learning something new and applying your creativity to solve real world problems. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go vote for the app that you believe deserves to win! You can vote for multiple submissions -- we won't…

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9 months ago

Your App is Due Tomorrow at 8AM!

The last stretch! If you haven't submitted your app yet, put those finishing touches on it and hit the submit button.

Remember, "done is better than perfect." We can't wait to see the product of your hard work. You didn't have to join this hackathon and build an app, but you did, and we're super proud of you for that.  


We're all on high alert here to help answer your last minute questions. You know the drill -- post to our discussion forum, email us at doaihackathon@theneura.com, and/or check out our Stack Overflow (tagged Neura).

Good luck!

9 months ago

3 Days Left to Submit!

If you haven't submitted your app yet, you are cutting it close! 

  1. If you've already downloaded the SDK and created an app, you are already 50% there.
  2. Next, figure out which features you want to build and which permissions you'll need to request. 


The best way to learn is to do. Post to our discussion forum, email us at doaihackathon@theneura.com, and/or check out our Stack Overflow (tagged Neura). We are here to help! Your app is due Friday 9/23! 

9 months ago

You got this! Here's a cat .gif

Keep going. You got this! Remember we are here to help. Here's a cat .gif. 




We're proud of you for getting this far! No question is too big or too small. Post to our discussion forum, email us at  doaihackathon@theneura.com, and/or check out our Stack Overflow (tagged Neura).



9 months ago

Last Weekend Before It's All Over

If you're anything like us, you've been thinking about submitting your app this whole week. This is the last weekend before your app is due - make the most of it! 

For those of you having issues adding your app to Neura through our console, we've created a nifty walkthrough. 


Doing and asking questions is the fastest way to learn. Post to our discussion forum, email us at doaihackathon@theneura.com, and/or check out our Stack Overflow (tagged Neura).

This is the last weekend to work on your app. You could be watching TV, but instead you're working…

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9 months ago

Sample Apps You can Copy & Paste!

We've mentioned our NEW awesome sample apps once or twice. :)

If you haven't had a chance to look at them in-depth, here's our NeuraLabs Github where you can download or fork these samples.

Specific Use Cases Samples:

Neura General Sample (contains additional use cases)

Feel free to take any of these applications and make them your own. We even include instructions on each github page on how to do it. 



No question is too big or too small. Post to our discussion forum, email…

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10 months ago

9 More Days to Submit!

Tick tock, time is running out.

Luckily, you still have a couple more days to integrate Neura into an app and submit it to the hackathon! 

  1. Have you downloaded the Neura SDK yet? If not, go here and click the big blue "Get Started" button. *You'll also get 1 year of Neura free of charge
  2. Have you added your app to Neura? If not, go here to add your app
  3. Then, check out our NEW sample apps to understand of how everything works together

Neura's SDK provides insights on your user's activities (EX: driving to work, just woke up, walking to…

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12 months ago

Thanks for joining Neura's Do.AI Hackathon!

Welcome to the Do.AI Productivity Hackathon! We are here to help you succeed. 

Questions? Email us at DoAIhackathon@theneura.com

about 1 year ago

Public voting is now open

It's your turn to pick the Popular Choice award winner! Browse the Neura Do.AI - Productivity Apps Hackathon submission gallery and vote for your favorite app. Be sure to spread the word via your social networks, too!


We're here to help. If you have any questions about the hackathon, post on the discussion forum or email support@devpost.com and we'll respond as soon as we can.