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Neura & Sensors

Hi !

I am wondering a few things about Neura:
1) how does the sleep tracking work, in case you don't have a specific device (e.g. wrist band)
2) more generally, if I have a third party device I want to use (e.g fitbit), how do the user registers it against Neura
3) if I want my app to contribute data to Neura, how do I do that (all I read until now is about suscribing to receive data)
A bit late to join the hackathon, but any link appreciated. :-)


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    Hi Stephane,

    I'll try my best to answer your questions.

    1. The Neura SDK can determine sleep without the need of a fitness or sleep tracker. Neura's algorithms can determine when a user goes to sleep and wakes up using only the sensor data from a phone. If a user also on boards a fitness/sleep tracker then Neura can also determine the quality of sleep as well. https://dev.theneura.com/docs/api/insights#sleep

    2. The Neura SDK allows developers to prompt users to add their connected devices including sleep trackers and fitness trackers. More information can be found here under "addDevice":



    3. Once you install the SDK into your app, the SDK will automatically obtain the data it needs to function. The only contingency is to make sure your app has access to the permissions that are needed. Are you developing on iOS or Android?

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    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for the answers & links. I´m working on Android... I'll give it a try this week :-)

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